The theory behind the practice

My approach in mainly based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with elements of Mindfulness, and Inner Child healing techniques.

I believe every individual needs a personalized plan, which I will create with you during our sessions depending on your personality, issue and needs.

What is Cognitive Behavioral Therapy?

Cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely used approaches to treating
people with a variety of emotional and behavioral problems. It is evidence-based, which
means that it is supported by an abundance of research over the past several decades which
have proven its effectiveness.

Cognitive behavior therapy is based on the idea that behavior, thoughts and feelings are
learned, and can therefore be unlearned, or modified. Emotional disturbance is caused by distorted or irrational thinking patterns – you can change how you feel by changing how you think.

CBT is a highly structured approach and is considered among the most rapid treatments in
terms of obtained results. For lasting improvement you will be encouraged to explore and express your feelings related to different aspects of your life, set goals and follow assignments to achieve them.

What is Mindfulness?

Mindfulness isn’t only a technique, but a way of living. It reflects the attitude of being tuned with ourselves and the world.

It is the art of enjoying the present moment with all the senses involved, of savoring each experience at once, by directing our attention to anything we are doing, wherever we are.

Mindfulness is the capacity of letting go of any thoughts that hold us to the past or the future and are an obstacle in being fully in the here and now.

How do the Inner Child healing techniques work?

Sometimes making healthy changes in the present isn’t enough if deep inside we are carrying unresolved painful emotions from our childhood.

This is when we say that our inner child is wounded and neglected.

Together we can bring some understanding to your inner child and create a strong bond based on trust, confidence and love.

For this path I use visualizations and meditation exercises.