Skype Therapy

For many people, especially expats and frequent travellers, online communication is a major part of our lifestyle. For some people it is even easier to open up online.
Many studies have confirmed the effectiveness of online communication to treat a variety or psychological complaints, help us make important changes in life and finally feel better in charge of our happiness.

I offer Skype Counselling in English, Italian and Spanish.

Skype therapy covers the same topics as face-to-face counselling, including self-esteem, assertiveness, depression, integration and friendship, relationship, anxiety, work related problems, family, loneliness, and more.

Skype therapy offers several advantages vs. face-to-face therapy:

A click away: You can have an online chat on video session from wherever you are and outside of standard hours if my availability will allow, this can include evenings and weekends.

Any location you prefer: As long as you have privacy you can be at home, in your office or wherever you want and especially wherever you are in the world. No commuting time to your psychologist’s office.

More available hours: Therapy hours are more flexible, with hours available in the evenings, weekends and across different time zones.

How do we start?
We start with a 20-minute free consultation in which you can explain to me how you feel and what your goals are. From my side I can explain how my virtual office, video chat and payment system works, we agree on which online tools we will use and you can see if communicating online with me makes you feel comfortable, which is the most important thing for me!

Skype therapy is suitable for everyone as long you have privacy and a computer or a smartphone.

For intake appointments or to find out more about how I work, you can contact me at bonfa.rita[at] or via the form below.

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