“Rita Bonfa’ is a highly qualified professional. She has helped me coping with a difficult phase of my life in which I felt stuck and overwhelmed by many changes I could not deal with. Her indisputable competence, alongside her empathic understanding, made it possible for me to totally trust her and slowly open up myself to start an in-depth personal journey that let me discover some cognitive and behavioral pitfalls. From this awareness, and with Rita’s coscientius guidance and support, I felt day by day empowered and stronger, and this made me realize I was able again to take control of my life and my choices. The sense of freedom I could benefit from is probably the best gift I could hope for with this journey together.”
S.T., Italy

“Dr. Rita gave me hope that things could be better and would be better in a time where I had none. she helped me and gave me tools and exercises to overcome my anxiety and my fears, which were interrupting with my well-being and daily life. As a shy university student, trying terapy seemed daunting. I had difficulties opening up with people around me in a friendly environment, and the idea of opening up to someone was terrifying, yet she managed to make me feel comfortable and understood whilst being very professional from the beginning . She is helping me overcome my insecurities and accept the past, whilst teaching me to value and appreciate myself. I am incredibly grateful for her help.”
N.B., Italy

“I started my sessions with Rita in a very stressful period of my life in which I was overwhelmed by ruminative thinking and full of physical symptoms of likely psychological origin. Thanks to Rita, I learned how to better understand myself, to be more aware of my feelings and to recognize situations in which I was potentially damaging myself through my “wrong” thinking. I implemented some simple cognitive exercises in my daily life and these helped me to better cope with stress. Rita is a very experienced psychologist able to make you feel comfortable from the very beginning and to identify where your cognitive approach to life might be problematic for your physical and psychological health. I would recommend her especially to those people who are interested in better understanding themselves, and in accepting positive and negative aspects of their personality.”
A.C., Italy

“Never in my life did I ever think that I would ever pour my heart out completely to anyone. Let alone to a psychologist. I have always been a strong woman, I have been through a lot in life, nothing ever fazed me but four months ago I had a breakdown and was diagnosed with anxiety disorder. My whole world was in shambles, I didn’t know where to turn, who to talk to, my friends and family didn’t understand what I was going through. Until one day I told myself, “I can’t keep going like this, keeping everything to myself..” And so I went online and looked up English-speaking therapists. A lot of names came up, but somehow I had this gut feeling that I had to choose Rita. And I was right. The first time I walked in to her office, she had this welcoming aura around her. I was very nervous during our first session but she made me feel at ease and comfortable. Rita opened my eyes to my faulty ways and made me realize why I have been feeling the way I’ve been feeling. All of a sudden, the pieces of the puzzle are starting to fit. Piece by piece. Little by little. I have learned so much more about myself in the few sessions I have had with Rita. And for that, I couldn’t be more grateful.  I would recommend her to anyone who’s going through a crisis without hesitations.”
T.L, Philippines

“Ever since I was a child I have had problems expressing myself assertively. I have always been a bit weak when it comes to standing up for myself. I have despised myself for this, and I have tried changing my ways earlier, but without success. I often found myself afraid of saying no to people, and this sometimes led to anything from me buying things I really did not want to me working extra hours even when I was so exhausted I was on the verge of a small melt down. 
Turning to Dr. Rita for help is the best decision I have made in a long time. Already from the first session I felt confident and comfortable enough to be completely open.
She helped me identify the causes of my issues, and she provided the “tools” I needed to start changing my behaviour. After only a few sessions I started to feel more confident, and I slowly became more assertive. I was able to say no when I felt I should, and I found it easier to express my opinion in a calm and friendly way. To say it simple: Dr. Rita helped me become a better version of myself.”

L.M., Norway

“When I turned to Dr. Bonfa’ I was like a little girl, lost and frightened. I was going through a difficult time and honestly felt that I had no way out. My fears were dictating the way I lived and invading my relationships and my work.
Her guidance led me onto a new path. Together we explored the roots of my fears, we discovered hidden anger and worked on soothing it. She took me by the hand and taught me how to better manage my negative feelings by transforming them into constructive thoughts or actions.
Rita is bright and sensitive, a passionate professional and caring person.
I will be forever thankful to her for giving me a new perspective on myself. That lost, frightened little girl feels more like a woman today.”

S.V., Italy

“I have been on every diet under the sun since I was about 8 years old, so my relationship with food was a very complex one to say the least. I was never anorexic and also never obese on the outside but, it’s more the way I saw myself that was the problem and food was the crutch that I lent upon which made me both very happy and very sad. I guess you could say I was a food addict.
After meeting Rita for the first few sessions, I realised that this was going to be a journey, not just an hour a week therapy session that I could then tick off of my to-do list and forget about. After a few months not only did my mind begin to clear and for lack of better words, the ‘chaos’ in my mind began to lift but also, my body also began to change as I stopped relying on food as something to make me happy.
It’s an ongoing process and every day I think about my sessions with Rita to get me through tough situations but I genuinely feel that this is the best investment I have ever made, because I was honestly investing in myself and my mental and physical well-being. I would sincerely recommend Rita for not only food related issues but anything that you’re struggling with she honestly has the background and experience to help.”

C.G., South Africa

“I remember the day I called Rita to arrange an intake, I was broken, unhappy and felt alone. After meeting Rita I felt comfortable enough to tell her everything, things I never wanted to tell anyone, it felt like talking to a friend and I loved her honesty. She gave me the tools to react better in situations that hurt everyone around me including myself, she gave me strength to want a better life. I carried alot of guilt and sadness inside but Rita helped me move on. I have made apologies, I have re-built foundations with my family and my relationship has improved. After 6 months of seeing Rita, my quality of life is better than I could of ever imagined. I am very grateful for Ritas attention and would recommend her to anyone. Thanks so much Rita, I hope you know how much you have changed my life”
C.M., Scotland

“Having seen therapists in the past, this was the first time that I genuinely felt my life and my way of thinking about the world has changed for the better. It wouldn’t be an overstatement to say that my therapy with Ms. Bonfa has been life-changing. As a therapist Ms. Bonfa is highly intelligent and astute; she managed to show me another way of thinking about my challenges, by motivating me to think for myself and by bringing out these alternatives through conversation. Her personality is warm yet professional, which for me created the ideal atmosphere for sharing my concerns.”
S.S., Kuwait

“Since I was struggling for 20 years with my binge eating disorder , I was not very positive in finding a solution. When I entered Ready for Change clinic I was thinking I could tell the psychologist some stories and leave my real problems for myself. But in Rita a found a psychologist who was able to get to the point in the first half an hour I had a session with her. She made me realize that I had to start working in that moment and gave me a mirror immediately. No other psychologist was ever able to bring me to honesty with myself. Her calm and daring way of working made me work hard on my issues. It is thank to her (as a big part of the treatment in the clinic) that I am no overeater anymore since 1.5 years”
L.K., The Netherlands

“About 1,5 years ago I started therapy with Rita because of the binges I had. I knew one of the main reasons could be that there were a lot of things going on in my life, especially big family problems. I was sick and tired of those binges, but I could not get rid of them by myself.
After I first met Rita at our intake session I immediately got a positive feeling about her. I knew she would be the right person to help me. Our main goal was to accept my emotions and to deal with them in a healthy way. This way I could overcome my problem with food. The sessions with Rita really opened my heart. I’ve learned to accept negative emotions and how to handle them. I still haven’t gotten totally rid of my binges, but I have improved so much. The frequency of these binges has decreased compared to the situation before therapy. Also last month I managed to experience an amazing (emotional) situation. I’m so happy that I CAN FEEL again. I definitely can recommend Rita to everyone. She is a warm person, wise and a professional who is able to help a lot of people.
Thank you Rita“

Anne, Amsterdam

“The first time I entered the therapy room, I was broken-hearted and hopelessly convinced of being unworthy. With empathy and understanding, Dr. Bonfà help me to see a very different reality: never before in my life have I experienced such an authentic consideration for my feeling and my personal history. Far from being compliant but with cleverness and training, she was able to help me build a new image of myself and to improve my life.”
F.M., Italy

“Rita is a dedicated, knowledgeable and innovative therapist who genuinely cares about her patients. Coming to her was my first experience with therapy, and she took the time to address all of my questions and concerns, and to make me feel comfortable with the process. I have benefitted enormously from her insights, and would recommend her unreservedly (as I indeed have already done with friends)”

“In 2010 I was totally beat by my addiction to cocaine,i had no self love anymore and basically was afraid to live.I checked into rehab at RFC where Rita was a part of the counseling team. her sharp insights and compassion helped me face my demons and deal with them in a healthy way and most importantly she restored my self image to a much more loving one.Im now more then 2 years clean and I have a life again and a much better and happier one than before.”
J v H, The Netherlands