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Drs Rita Bonfà,
Psychologist Amsterdam

Psychologist Amsterdam

I am Rita Bonfà, an English, Italian and Spanish-speaking psychologist in Amsterdam, with over 15 years of experience in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and a strong focus on online therapy. Since graduating from the University of Padova in Clinical Psychology in 2007, I have worked in Venice, Barcelona and Amsterdam. I am a registered member of the Dutch Institute for Psychologists, called NIP (Registration number 213141).

When to see a psychologist?

We all experience different forms of mental or emotional distress at one point or another in our lives. Sometimes we might need some help to pinpoint what we need to overcome challenges and acquire new skills.

It’s the right moment to see a psychologist if you feel overwhelmed with stress or anxiety, if you are not enjoying life at its fullest or notice that your mood is often low, if you are having trouble communicating your feelings/opinions or regulating your emotions, if you notice that something in your life quality has been impacted such as your energy levels, your sleep or eating patterns or even your physical health, work performance and relationships with others.

My areas of expertise are:

  • stress management, anxiety and panic
  • depression and fatigue
  • self esteem boosting plans
  • assertiveness training
  • relationship and family matters
  • personal growth and development
  • sleep disorders
  • anger and emotions regulations
  • burnout and work-related stress
  • body image and eating disorders
Psychologist Amsterdam

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy (CBT) is one of the most widely used approaches to treating people with a variety of emotional and behavioural problems. It is evidence-based, which means that it is supported by an abundance of research over the past several decades which have proven its effectiveness.

The therapy is based on the idea that behaviour, thoughts and feelings are learned, and can therefore be unlearned, or modified. Emotional disturbance is caused by distorted or irrational thinking patterns – you can change how you feel by changing how you think.

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a structured approach and is considered among the most rapid treatments in terms of obtained results. For lasting improvement you will be encouraged to explore and express your feelings related to different aspects of your life, set goals and follow assignments to achieve them.

What to expect

Counselling is a short-mid term therapy. We would have an initial session (intake) in which you can tell me your story and your expectations/motivation. Based on that, we can make a plan of goals to achieve and how to achieve them.

During our sessions you will find a warm confidential space that allows you to explore uncomfortable feelings, understand its root causes, place it in a context and learn coping skills to manage those feelings.

We would start with weekly sessions and gradually move to appointments every two weeks, or even checking in once per month.

Cancellations need to be made at least 24 hours prior to the appointment (Saturdays and Sundays excluded).

Psychologist Amsterdam
Online Therapy

Online Therapy

For many people, especially expats and frequent travellers, online communication is a major part of our lifestyle.

During online therapy we would cover the same topics as during face-to-face counselling. For some people it is even easier to open up online.

Online therapy offers the advantages of flexible location and more available hours.

Sessions are held via Skype, Zoom or Whatsapp call.


    +31 (0) 6 50 25 49 61
    Counselling for you: Bloemgracht 112, 1015 TN Amsterdam


    Anna C. Di Ruscio
    I can hardly describe in just a few lines the healthy and great impact that working with Rita had in my life. Previously I tried different psychologists but nothing worked. I was really lucky to find her: it was her honesty that made me trust her but it was her empathy, kindness and willingness to try different things and various methods to see what would work best for me that really found a special place in my heart, during my recovery and also afterwards. I still use techniques that she taught me whenever I need and want to. Her strong belief in me, my capacities, and certainty that I would recover from trauma, made me gain confidence and restructure a sense of self that I felt lost. I would definitely not be the same person, or have many of the things I wanted, without Rita, my friends and family know this very well. I will be forever grateful for her work, true dedication and commitment, and patience that are not easy to be found. I gained a lot of compassion for myself and others, and therapy was not only a safe place but also became a transformative and happy one: a real treat one could say!
    Bartosz Dobosz
    If you're looking for professionalism, empathy and dedication Rita is your best choice. I've been lucky enough to work with her and the time we've spent together has been invaluable. Rita has a warm and empathetic approach that made me feel comfortable opening up about my struggles and she provided me with valuable insights and tools that have helped me navigate life's challenges more effectively. I highly recommend Rita as a therapist.
    Johannes van Heel
    Drs Rita Bonfa has helped me in different difficult times in my life with empathy , love and very good advice and given me tools to cope with whatever life throws at me . I m happier and have more self confidence . Thank you
    Teresa Montenegro
    Llegué a Rita en un momento un poco complicado y gracias al trabajo que hicimos pude superarlo y salir adelante. Es paciente, te ayuda a pensar dándote las herramientas que necesitas para poder trabajar internamente de la mejor manera, y siempre sin juzgar y escuchándote. Sin duda fue una gran ayuda y siempre estaré agradecida y en deuda con ella.
    Angélique Heimann
    Rita is a great therapist. She was able to support me and provided me with tools that I am still using in my day to day life. Also as an expat, she can also reliate on the specific experiences we can have to deal with. I would recommend her 100%.
    Laura Jurkutė
    Rita is such a professional and knowledgeable therapist. I am truly grateful for all the sessions we had, that resulted in such enormous improvements for my frequent panic attacks, as well as anxiety. I’d highly recommend Rita, she’s definitely top-noch expert in her area!
    Francesca Cumbo
    I was in therapy with Rita for a couple of years and she greatly helped me to go through a very difficult period of my life, guiding me with discretion and professionalism, while giving me the proper tools to get my life back on track. I’m extremely grateful for the support received and I would definitely recommend her services to anyone!
    Michael Hautemulle
    Working with Rita was transformative. While serious Rita approached our work together with a great deal of compassion, humour and pragmatism. I gained a better understanding myself, my condition and a set of down to earth tools to assist in addressing both.
    Silvia Venturini
    Rita helped me through a time of anxiety, stress, and panic attacks. She made me feel comfortable and guided me towards regaining my confidence. Through practical exercises and a lot of conversation, she led me to an understanding of what I was going through and to finding the best ways to deal with it. Meeting her was an important turning point in my life and I will forever be grateful.
    Ioana Irina
    I met Rita in a difficult period of my life, trying to figure out a new country, new job and personal issues. She helped me tremendously finding my own answers, with kindness and understanding. We've been working for the last 2 years continuously, our sessions make such an impact to the way I show up to the world. I got better, step by step, and I more confident and aware of my emotions. I recommend Rita for any sorts of needs, she's a fantastic professional and I am grateful for finding her and for her impact to my life.

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